Developing Custom Apps in a JDE Environment

It's simple. If you are building custom applications that utilize the JDE database or run in a JDE environment, do it smart! JDE provides the framework for consistent, organized development.

Use the object naming conventions set forth by J.D.Edwards®.
Although you may have your own conventions in place, it is often easier to gradually switch to JDE standards than to work with two different standards. Also, some JDE features do not work well with other naming schemes. Besides, you might find the JDE scheme to work well (as I have). It certainly makes reading source code easier! System codes 55 through 59 are for your use.

Use the Data Dictionary for your custom data items.
It works great as a field reference, contains a built-in glossary, and standardizes field usage. Option 1 on menu G9642 updates the AS/400 field reference file objects. Any data item that begins with '$' or '@' will not be overwritten by JDE. You can even tie the allowed values to a custom UDC table.

Use the Software Versions Repository when adding custom objects.
Several PTF/Upgrade assistance reports and other JDE tools, such as the Software Versions Search, are based upon the SVR. It is also required if you wish to use cursor sensitive help when creating custom RPG programs via "cut & paste" JDE source code.

Create your own DREAM Writers.
When we write custom programs for our clients, especially reports, we will generally create DREAM Writer specifications (2/G81) and processing options (3/G81). Then we use the JDE model source code (J98MODELx) to create the CL program and "cut & paste" from any similar DREAM Writer source code to create the RPG program. Our clients love having the same look and feel in both purchased and home-grown software! And the same powerful features.

Make the software look like it came from Denver.
After the programmers are done their whining about JDE code being inefficient, wordy, and overly complex, tell them to learn it. We can find the place to tap in a 15,000 line JDE-structure RPG program in 10 minutes because we know where to look. When you cut through the sheer volume of source code, what you have is a consistent, organized collection of "sections of logic". Use Quickstart or copy similar JDE code and edit it to match your video, report, and data files.

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